Transparency is key

AcadeMedia is financed by tax revenues, so transparency is an important part of everything we do. This is particularly key in our communication with our stakeholders, from students and parents to all 16,900 employees in the Group. Work to ensure transparency is mainly determined by AcadeMedia’s communication policy.

The fact that we are present across the education spectrum, from preschool to adult education, located in several different
countries, means we occupy a unique position from which to develop working practices and values that our employees share and work according to

AcadeMedia believes in a long-term, supportive approach, with capacity and preparedness that ensure we are ready for unforeseen events. Our size means we have a significant responsibility to inform others about what we do, both Swedish public sector education and other independent school providers, nationally and internationally.

Sharing knowledge

One example of how we encourage and create conditions for our employees to systematically share knowledge and experiences with one another is our in-house AcadeMedia Academy. This supports development, collegial learning and day-to-day innovation between our employees. Another example is that we have started using a brand new dialogue tool (social intranet), Workplace.
Our transparent approach helps us ensure our active involvement in developing the education of the future together with other actors in society. We expect the same high standards of transparency from our partners, regardless of whether they are in the private or public sector, as they have of us. Our requirements for transparency with regard, for example, to how school vouchers are calculated by municipalities, are just as stringent as our cooperation partners’ requirements for us to explain how we use school voucher funding. We worked intensively over the year to encourage greater transparency among municipalities on their calculation of school vouchers.

We are also transparent in our relationships with the media. Our goal is to be regarded as an open organisation, and as part of this we publish our quality results in AcadeMedia’s annual Quality Report.

News flow

Our website and our social media channels have a constant flow of news and articles, as we publish editorial content about what is happening in the Group. Under the name ‘AcadeMedia Shares’ we participate in various outward-facing activities, organised both by us and by other parties. AcadeMedia Shares reflects our core values and allows both us and other parties to be involved in shaping the education of the future. We need to be always open to discussing difficult issues as well, and inviting dialogue with everyone who wants to talk with us.

Media relations strengthen our brand

Our relationship with the media should be characterised by openness and a service-minded approach. It is important for us to build trust in the long and the short term with those media outlets that are interested in AcadeMedia’s business. We should therefore respond quickly and be helpful to journalists. Our media service is on standby 24/7 and ensures that we are available to both national and local media.
Being proactive and involved in public debate demonstrates openness and is a way for us to clarify AcadeMedia’s stance on various points. During the year, the Group wrote and had opinion pieces published in several major national media outlets about free choice of schools, funding, school vouchers and apprenticeship grants. We regularly issue press releases and also have a significant flow of articles and videos produced in house and released through our own channels. Positive events are, of course, highlights, but we also address issues that may be perceived in a negative light. One example of this is that we report the closure and relocation of units, just as we promote new establishments. To ensure that AcadeMedia acts professionally and credibly, we provide annual training for our managers in media relations and our core values. This emphasises the importance of a high level of service-based approach, openness and transparency in relationships with the media.

AcadeMedia Academy

AcadeMedia Academy is the Group’s in-house training and skills development academy. It offers hundreds of training opportunities every academic year within a range of different areas, including teaching, student health and communication, as well as media relations and health and safety. The courses are free and open to all employees and managers.
Our online GDPR course is available to everyone, not just AcadeMedia’s employees, and is a further example of transparency.

Workplace – our new dialogue forum to complement our intranet

During the year, we established a brand new dialogue forum, Workplace, within the Upper Secondary School segment, our largest segment. It is a forum where all employees can start discussions, add news and form groups within specific areas and subject categories. Workplace is guided entirely by those employees involved and the purpose is to establish a transparent dialogue forum based on employees’ own participation. Workplace complements our intranets and encourages employees to engage in dialogue and openness. We also have an open intranet, which provides internal information, guidelines and policies that are available to everyone, including those who are not employed by the Group.