Materiality analysis

Our materiality analysis details the importance of various elements for our stakeholders, and the extent to which AcadeMedia can influence these elements. AcadeMedia has selected four main sustainability areas to focus on. One of them, Transparency, has several subareas in our materiality analysis. The sustainability concepts in which both the main and subareas are included are shown in brackets.

Our main areas are:
Learning (human rights).
Employees with subareas ethics and integration/equivalence (social issues and anti-corruption).
Environmental impact (environment).
Transparency (human rights and anti- corruption).

These focus areas are described in greater depth on pages 32–47, where we also provide more detailed examples of how this work is conducted in practice


By offering a superior learning environment, AcadeMedia helps people and communities develop and grow. All students have the same right to a quality education, regardless of place of residence or background. A good atmosphere for learning is also about determining the needs of and opportunities for
each individual student. We will also be a learning organisation, where both employees and leaders can develop professionally.


AcadeMedia will recruit, develop and motivate the best educa- tors and school leaders. We want our employees to enjoy their work and be given opportunities to develop professionally. We also want to create opportunities to pursue leadership positions via our talent and mentor programmes, which are unique in the education sector. We will always strive to adopt an ethical approach to the


AcadeMedia pledges to use resources responsibly and to be a model of environmental sustainability within the education sector. We are working to reduce the environmental impact of our business over time, including our investment in healthy
and climate-friendly meals. We are also working to reduce the environmental impact of our travel and premises.


As our income is largely comprised of public funds, maintaining public confidence in AcadeMedia’s work is of critical impor- tance. An ethical approach to everything we do, and open and proactive communication are embedded in AcadeMedia’s way of working. We demonstrate openness by sharing information via social media and maintaining good contacts with traditional media. We also choose to give the outside world insight into our operations and policies by keeping large parts of AcadeMedia’s intranet public.