Education is one of the most important issues for all communities. AcadeMedia’s mission is formulated as follows: “by of- fering a superior learning environment, AcadeMedia helps people and commu- nities develop and grow. All students have an equal right to a quality educa- tion, regardless of place of residence or background. A good atmosphere for…

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Joint learning creates development

Four target areas are identified in AcadeMedia’s strategy document, Roadmap 2023. The first reads ‘Leading at learning’. Learning through teaching. Learning as a student. Or learning from your own experiences and those of others. Roadmap 2023 states: “Leading at learning is not just about achieving results in terms of factual knowledge and values. It is…

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Everyone achieves their goals at LBS in Helsingborg

At LBS Kreativa Gymnasiet in Helsingborg, goal achievement is 100% for the second year running, meaning all students graduate, passing with good grades. AcadeMedia aims to be leading at learning. Achieving this is not only about providing students with the conditions for good knowledge and value results; it is also about us being a learning…

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