Extract from the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 1. No Poverty.
Education is one of the most impor- tant routes out of poverty, regardless of whether poverty is economic or relates to lack of freedom, health or safety.

Goal 3. Good Health and Well-being.
Mental ill health among young people is a growing social problem. School plays a pivotal role in turning this trend. Children and young people are also exercising less, and school can be a key resource in this area as well.

Goal 4. Quality Education.
AcadeMedia’s entire core operations are focused on this area.

Goal 5. Gender Equality.
This is included in the national regulatory systems of all the countries in which we operate. Preschools and schools must contribute to gender equality.

Goal 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth.
We will be an at- tractive employer, with a strong focus on employee well-being. We will contribute to economic growth in Sweden by educating people and by being a successful company.

Goal 10. Reducing Inequality.
No-one should be excluded; an equal society is built on the principle that everyone has equal rights and opportunities. In Sweden we call this ‘equitable school’.

Goal 13. Climate Action.
For a service company, AcadeMedia’s climate impact is relatively small. However, collaboration with land- lords regarding environmentally sustainable leases, a good aware- ness of climate-friendly travel and constant improvement efforts with regard to food wastage at our units make a difference.

Goal 16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.
Education is not just about acquiring knowledge in various subjects. It is also about values. Everyone’s equal value and everyone’s right to freedom from violence are values that permeate our teaching as well as AcadeMedia as a company.