Premises, responsible purchasing, travel and food are the four key areas to target to reduce AcadMedia’s environmental impact. Our progress around travel and food is positive, and we are improving every year AcadeMedia aims to set an example regarding environmental responsibility in the education sector. We are working to reduce the environmental impact of our…

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Increased use of framework agreements for sustainability

There are lots of reasons to use framework agreements. It’s easier. It’s cheaper. It ensures quality. Quality assurance also includes an environmental aspect, as AcadeMedia as an organisation aims to minimise its environmental footprint as much as possible. AcadeMedia’s purchasing manager, Lars Petersson, started in June 2018 and has extensive experience of similar positions at…

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Secure and future-proof school environments

Peter Andersson, AcadeMedia’s Property Director, has strategic responsibility for an area of 1 million square metres in three countries. The cost of these premises is the second-largest single cost that AcadeMedia has, second only to salaries. Our premises also constitute our single largest environmental impact. Peter, who took up the role of Property Director in…

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