Principles for appointing the nomination committee in AcadeMedia

The nomination committee shall comprise one representative for each of the three largest shareholders based on ownership of the company as per the end of the financial year’s third quarter as it appears in Euroclear’s ownership list. The chairman of the board shall be a co- opted member (sw. adjungerad). Should one of the three largest shareholders refrain from appointing a representative to the nomination committee, the right shall pass to the shareholder that, excluding these three shareholders, has the largest shareholding in the company. The chairman of the board of directors shall convene the nomination committee. The chairman of the nomination committee shall be the member representing the largest shareholder, unless the nomination committee unanimously appoints another member.

If the shareholder that appointed a member of the nomination committee is no longer one of the three largest shareholders and the change occurs after the end of the third quarter but not later than 31 August, the member appointed by such owner shall offer to leave the committee and the shareholder that has become one of the three largest shareholders has the right to appoint a representative to the committee. In the event that a member leaves the nomination committee before its work is completed, the shareholder who appointed the member shall appoint a new member. If this shareholder is no longer one of the three largest shareholders, a new member is appointed according to the above procedure. Shareholders who have appointed a representative to the nomination committee have the right to dismiss such member and appoint a new representative as a member of the committee.

Changes in the nomination committee’s composition shall be announced immediately. The nomination committee’s term of office shall extend until a new nomination committee is appointed.

The nomination committee shall perform the duty of the nomination committee in accordance with the Swedish corporate governance code.

Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee does this by sending an e-mail to