AcadeMedia’s goal is to be a leader in learning, attracting personnel and students, efficiency and innovative development. The main indicator in the area of learning is ‘100% – should achieve their educational objectives’.

We can only achieve this by providing the highest quality education in the areas in which the Group operates. By 2023 we aim to be the leading and most influential education provider in Europe, which brings us closer to our vision of being a leader in the development of tomorrow’s education.

To support us in this objective, we have developed our strategic framework, Roadmap 2023, which builds on Roadmap 2020. Roadmap 2023 is based on four target areas: learning, attractiveness (both for employees and participants), efficiency and innovation.

We are guided in these goals by the strategies described below.

AcadeMedia’s five strategies

  1. Clear focus on education and strong brands

Offering excellent education is crucial for AcadeMedia. We aim to focus on welcoming children, students and adult learners with high expectations and a strong belief in their ability, and offer stimulating and supportive learning environments and excellent teaching.

AcadeMedia aims to meet the requirements and expectations that students, guardians, adult learners and clients have of us. We should have strong brands and we aim to develop and clarify our group-wide AcadeMedia brand as an overall guarantee of quality, stability and transparency

  1. Talented and dedicated people

We aim to be the most attractive employer in the education industry because talented employees are key to good teaching and achieving higher goals. We need good managers who contribute through their leadership to creating motivation, enthusiasm and a culture in which we learn and gain inspiration from one another. We also need to inspire more people to choose to train as teachers, to remain in teaching, or to return to the teaching profession.

We offer good opportunities for professional development and clear career paths in order to attract and retain committed employees and managers. We do this by actively working on structured collegial learning and various types of skills development and management programmes.

  1. Comprehensive Quality Assurance Model

Since its introduction in 2011, our group-wide quality model, known as the AcadeMedia Model, has helped us guide the Group towards established goals and identify what needs improving at different levels. This is now being refined into a quality management model intended to help ensure that we are moving in the direction of continued improvement and achievement of goals that evolve to create the best preschools, schools and adult education institutions.

This creates a holistic approach to our quality management efforts. We systematically follow up and identify where we need to apply resources. We identify successful ways of operating and developing operations, and systematically share good examples within the Group. The AcadeMedia Model helps us ensure a high standard across our operations and that we are constantly developing as a learning organisation.

  1. Continuous improvement and innovative solutions

Innovation often emerges from day-to-day, practical quality development measures, but also has something new or a significant improvement. It involves an element of creativity and a new approach, which we want to encourage.

Our improvement efforts should be reflected in everything from our teaching mission to our way of utilising the opportunities offered by digitalisation in different processes and how we work with skills development for employees and managers. We cooperate with, take inspiration and learn from other parties, including researchers and other sectors and countries. We encourage all operations to develop, trial, evaluate and introduce new methods, ideally together with other parties. Sharing knowledge, experience and smart solutions at different levels ensures AcadeMedia is an organisation in which shared learning supports innovative development.

  1. Long-term and sustainable growth

Through a constant focus on quality, we are generating long-term sustainable growth. This creates the opportunity for development and initiatives to improve our operations. All resources should be used efficiently and responsibly, so sustainability is a natural aspect of AcadeMedia’s way of working.

Continued growth in the Upper Secondary area and Preschool International business is a priority. With regard to the Preschool International business, we are continuing to assess different paths, and we are also reviewing the conditions for internationalising other brands and offerings.

We support our operations to develop and innovate and are establishing business models for the schools of the future on existing and new markets. We are also endeavouring to modernise and leverage digitalisation to enable access to education and related functions.