AcadeMedia – Northern Europe’s largest education company
AcadeMedia is the leading provider of independent education in northern Europe. Approximately 80 000 students and parents have chosen our preschools, compulsory schools and upper secondary schools. An additional 100 000 adults attend one of our adult education programs for a year. AcadeMedia has operations throughout Sweden and we also have preschools in Norway and Germany. We have operations throughout the education chain – from preschool to adult education. We have more than 661 units and around 17 600 employees.

Quality in focus
Our basic philosophy is that quality pays off. If we do not maintain a high quality in everything we do, the children, young people and adults who attend our schools will turn to other education providers, and those looking for a preschool or school will not choose one of ours. Our schools and education units are independent but share the same quality requirements.

Our schools/units offer a diverse range of options. Parents of a child about to start preschool do not choose Vittra because Vittra is part of AcadeMedia, but because they want their child to attend a Vittra school. The same applies to 9th graders who are looking for an upper secondary school with a strong IT program; they choose NTI-gymnasiet or LBS.

Size is important
AcadeMedia’s various education companies are part of a larger group of companies. We benefit from coordinating certain resources. It enables us, for example, to lower our administrative costs. In return we are able to invest surplus funds if one of our units is having problems.

Thanks to our size, we can drive extensive quality initiatives – based on the AcadeMedia Model, our quality management system.