AcadeMedia is northern Europe’s largest education company with preschools, compulsory schools, upper secondary schools and adult education units throughout the country.

We have chosen to have a small central organization; fewer than 200 of our 17 600 employees are employed at the corporate level. Our schools, which include Framtidsgymnasiet, Hermods, Pysslingen, Plushögskolan, Vittra and NTI-gymnasiet, all have their own management and are operated independently. We have a few central and administrative departments, such as IT, payroll and accounting. We also work based on the a common quality and management system, the AcadeMedia Model.

Our size allows us to coordinate a number of support activities, enabling us to allocate more time and resources to every child, student and participant. Our support departments include quality, HR, purchasing, finance, communication and management support. We have key expertise in these areas, and all of our schools and units can benefit from this.

We prioritize using school voucher funding to the greatest extent possible where it makes the most difference – in the classroom.

Our corporate structure
At a first glance it may be hard to understand AcadeMedia’s corporate structure because the company consists of many different companies. This is due to AcadeMedia’s significant growth – achieved both by launching our own companies and by merging with others. The parent company is called AcadeMedia AB and our various businesses are operated as subsidiaries. It is the subsidiaries that hold the education licenses, not the parent company.

The fact that we have different companies and brands within AcadeMedia allows us to present clearly defined profiles to students, employees, municipal authorities and suppliers. A teacher at ProCivitas is employed by ProCivitas, not by AcadeMedia. The same applies to employees of Pysslingen, LBS Kreativa gymnasiet, Eductus, Hermods and all other subsidiaries. This structure makes it easier for students, the Swedish Schools Inspectorate and the municipal authorities in their dealings with us.

Size means security
While our various operations and subsidiaries have great independence and freedom in terms of designing and developing their programs and curriculums, AcadeMedia is there to provide security and support, and as a guarantor. We have the resources to provide help when it is needed, which creates stability and allows for a long-term approach.

Our size allows us to support schools that need short-term help, but it also gives us the capacity to make long-term investments financed by past profits. Looking at an individual company’s annual report may therefore give a distorted view of the economic reality; investments that are profitable in the long-term often involve losses at first. We invest, for example, in launching new schools within our existing companies.

The financial statements and the consolidated financial statements in the Annual Report for AcadeMedia AB (publ) provide a true and fair view of our overall financial situation. The latest reports are available here.

Our schools (as of Q4 2019/20)
Number of preschools in Sweden:  145 (Pysslingen Förskolor, Vittra, Pysslingen Skolor)

Number of children enrolled in our preschools in Sweden: 11,451

Number of preschools in Norway: 104 (Espira)

Number of children enrolled in our preschools in Norway: 9,675

Number of preschools in Germany: 49 (Joki, Stepke, Espira, and KTS)

Number of children enrolled in our preschools in Germany: 3,434

Number of compulsory schools: 75 (Pysslingen Skolor, Vittra, Pops Academy)

Number of students enrolled in our compulsory schools: 22,549

36 compulsory schools have integrated preschools. These are counted as two separate units above.

Number of upper secondary schools: 143 (Designgymnasiet, Drottning Blankas Gymnasieskola, Framtidsgymnasiet, Hermods Gymnasium, KLARA Gymnasium, LBS, Mikael Elias Gymnasium, NTI-gymnasiet, Plusgymnasiet, ProCivitas, Rytmus, Sjölins Gymnasium, Praktiska Gymnasiet, Hagströmska Gymnasiet, and Stockholms Internationella Restaurangskola)

Number of students enrolled in our upper secondary schools: 35,889

The number of units and participants in adult education varies over time, but is around 150 units and around 100 000 students/year. (Affärshögskolan, Teknikhögskolan, Vårdyrkeshögskolan, Movant, NTI-skolan, The Game Assembly, Eductus, Hermods, EC Utbildning, Coachning & Utveckling, KUI).