”AcadeMedia’s communication with the stock market is characterized by transparency and clarity to ensure that investors, in their assessment of the company, have good information on which to base decisions."

Katarina Wilson is AcadeMedia’s CFO.

Financial communication

AcadeMedia’s financial communication is characterized by transparency, relevance and stringency aimed at giving shareholders, investors and analysts a thorough analysis of our operations.

We provide the capital market, investors, shareholders and other stakeholders with relevant information in accordance with the laws in force, Nasdaq Stockholm’s rules, the Swedish Corporate Governance Code and AcadeMedia’s communication policy. We present the company and its financial development when we publish our quarterly interim reports. Important events are published in press releases. We convene meetings on a regular basis with shareholders, analysts and potential investors, and we participate in seminars.

All financial information is published and can be downloaded at AcadeMedia’s website for investors. We have a subscription service whereby anyone who is interested can subscribe for financial communication from the Company.

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27 October 2020

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26 November 2020

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4 January 2021

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